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I'm sorry I know someone has asked this question before but could you please, if you wouldn't mind of course link me all the episodes that Kendall and Kylie are mostly in? I'm sorry again if this question disturbed you xxxx


Season 1 Episode 1: I’m Watching You Episode 2: Managing Mom Episode 3: Brody In The House Episode 4: Birthday Suit Episode 6: You Are So Pregnant Dude Episode 7: Helping Hand Episode 8: Price Of Fame

Season 2 Episode 1: Kim Becomes A Diva [x] Episode 3: Rob’s New Girlfriend [x] Episode 4: Kris the Cheerleader Episode 5: Khloe’s Blind Dates [x]

Season 3 Episode 2: Kourt’s First Cover [x]

Season 4 Episode 1: The Wedding Episode 2: Scott on the rocks Episode 3: Hot Cup of Love [x] Episode 4:  Baby Blues [x] Episode 8: Weekend from hell [x] Episode 11: Delivering baby Mason [x]

Season 5 Episode 1: Kim’s House Party [x] Episode 2: Blind Date [x] Episode 3:The Missing Ring [x] Episode 5: Botox and Cigarettes [x]

Season 6 Episode 1: Family vs. Money Episode 2: Kim Becomes a Stage Mom Episode 3: The Former Mrs. Jenner Episode 4: Out of Wedlock [x] Episode 5:Thicker Than Water [x] Episode 6: Kendall Goes on Birth Control [x] Episode 7: The have and the have nots [x] Episode 8: What Happens in Vegas [x]

Season 7 Episode 2: Momager Dearest [x] Episode 5: The Man In The Memoir [x] Episode 7: The Dominican Republic, Part Two [x] Episode 9: Sometimes You Need to Adjust, Part One [x] Episode 16: Kardashian Therapy, Part Two [x]

Season 8 Episode 5: I Will Fix You [x] Episode 10: Opa! {x] Episode 11: Life’s a Beach (House) [x] Episode 12: Kris’s Mother-In-Law [x] Episode 15: Baby Shower Blues [x] Episode 20: Kylie’s Sweet 16 [x]